Office of Sustainability

University of Mississippi

Consumption Cube Exhibit-Green Week 2014

Posted on: June 12th, 2014 by khdeross

On an average day at Ole Miss over 3 tons of waste are generated before noon.  This 8’x8’x8′ exhibit portrayed the amount of waste students, faculty, and staff produce in just half a day.   The cube was located on Business Row next to the historic Lyceum.  Throughout Green Week 2014 community members became aware of our collective waste as they walked from one meeting or class to the next and passed this waste that consisted of many recyclable items.

We went dumpster diving to get actual campus get the materials for this exhibit.  Going through the trash gave us a glimpse of what we are throwing away.  What did we discover?

The bad news:  Most of the campus waste we found in the dumpster was either recyclable or avoidable.

The good news:  Most of the waste was recyclable or avoidable!

So if we all commit to recycling rather than just tossing and bringing our own mugs/cups/bags, we can reduce the amount of waste we are sending to the landfill.  If we all pledged to do this, the results would be immediate!  It is so easy to do!  Recycling bins are found in all campus academic buildings, the Union, the Library, and the Turner Center.

Don’t see a bin where you think one is needed?  Email and let your concern be known.