Office of Sustainability

University of Mississippi

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Students for a Green Campus

Students for a Green Campus (SGC) is a student led organization focused on promoting the UM Green Initiative and supporting a variety of sustainability initiatives across campus.  For more information on SGC or if you are interested in becoming a member, please join the facebook group or email to

Roots & Shoots

Roots & Shoots is a global initiative of the Jane Goodall Institute that encourages youth to make positive changes in their community through student-led volunteer work, campaigns, and service projects.

Environmental Action Groups (EAG)

Students, staff, and faculty who want to make a difference on campus are encouraged to join or create an Environmental Action Group (EAG) in an area of their interest.

Several EAG’s are currently their early stages of development:

  • Energy Conservation;
  • Green Building Mayors;
  • Recycling/Waste Minimization;
  • Outreach & Education;
  • Sustainable Contractual Services; and
  • Campus Carbon Footprint.

These groups will meet periodically throughout the year and will be responsible for creating and running new initiatives on campus.  To join an EAG or if you are interested in starting a new group, please send an email to and specify your interest.

Task Force on Energy, Environment, & Sustainability

The University of Mississippi has established a Task Force on Energy, Environment, and Sustainability to promote environmental management and sustainable development throughout campus – in academics as well as operations. In general, the task force will be responsible for developing and implementing a long-term campus sustainability plan that will address goals to:

  • Engage the campus in an ongoing dialogue about reaching operational efficiency and environmental sustainability
  • Integrate environmental sustainability with existing campus programs in education, research, operations, and public service
  • Instill a culture of sustainability in UM’s long-range planning and forward-thinking design

Environmental Law Society

The mission of the Environmental Law Society (ELS) is to promote discussion and awareness of environmental issues by hosting speakers and student discussion with attorneys practicing environmental law, coordinating community projects, and promoting social activities. The goals of ELS are to enhance legal education through the environmental law program at University of Mississippi Law School and to promote internships/externships and career opportunities in environmental law in both the public and private sectors.  Currently, ELS is working on publishing its first online environmental law newsletter entitled NewsREEL in conjunction with the Mississippi Bar.