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Green Grove Initiative – About Green Grove


The Green Grove Initiative is a collaborative effort between the Office of Sustainability and the Oxford Recycling Center, Athletics Department, Landscape Services, and numerous other campus groups and organizations. Previous partnerships include International Paper, Coca-Cola, and Walmart.

If you or your organization is interested in partnering with our gameday recycling efforts, please email us at for more information.

What can you do?

Ole Miss fans, we need your help! We are rising to the occasion to step up our recycling efforts and to take the tailgating experience to a whole new level. Help us minimize waste and keep the Grove a fun, clean, and beloved tailgating experience. We are all capable of playing our part in reducing our environmental impact and ensuring the rare beauty of the Ole Miss campus for generations to come. By participating in sustainable programs like the Green Grove Initiative, you are helping preserve and protect our campus environment for the future.

The success of the Green Grove Campaign will depend on the collective engagement of the entire Ole Miss Family so we greatly appreciate your support of this initiative. With the enhanced gameday recycling plan, UM will significantly reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills and ultimately the costs associated with the gameday cleanup and waste removal.

Future Forecast

The gameday recycling program will continue to expand and improve throughout each football season. Several important elements of the program that the university is exploring for future expansion include the following:

  • The Office of Sustainability plans to work more closely with its concessionaires and vendors to reduce the volume of waste they produce and to provide education on sustainable food and drink product containers that would better align with UM’s gameday recycling efforts.
  • UM hopes to include more products in the recycling program, such as cardboard, glass, as well as organic products in the form of composting.
  • Beginning in the 2010 season, UM introduced 200 clear stream recycling bins in the Grove and Circle and 100 clear stream bins in the stadium. We plan to utilize these bins and eventually add more.
  • Beginning in the 2013 season, UM partnered with TerraCycle to reduce waste by recycling Solo cups in the Grove and Circle.  We hope to increase the amount collected in the coming seasons.
  • This season we will pilot 50 mesh bags to be used in the clear stream recycling bins instead of plastic bags.  We plan to add more each season.

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