Office of Sustainability

University of Mississippi

UM Green Fund Committee


The UMGF will be managed by a committee of students, faculty, and staff.  The committee will accept and review proposals twice per year.  The Green Fund Committee will create an annual report including projects funded, costs and benefits of funded projects, data collected as a result of funded projects.  The report will be publicly available and will be presented to the Chancellor, Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, the Provost, the University Architect and the Associated Student Body President at an annual meeting.

Committee Positions

The UMGF committee is charged with the stewardship of the UMGF on behalf of the University of Mississippi. It shall consist of the following representation:

  • 5 students serving two-year terms
    • Associated Student Body Director of Sustainability position (may only serve 1 year)
    • Representative from a UM student environmental organization
    • At-Large Student Representatives (3 positions)
  • 2 faculty members appointed by the Provost
  • 1 staff member appointed by the Vice Chancellor of Administration and Finance
  • 1 staff member appointed by the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
  • 1 non-voting chairperson from the Office of Sustainability, to be responsible for basic committee oversight, coordination, and facilitation

Current Committee Member Profiles:

Madeleine Achgill – Student Representative

Ty Allushuski – Staff Representative, Student Affairs

Will Bedwell – Student Representative, Compost Project Liaison

Joe Bell – Student Representative, Outreach Coordinator

Rachel Ford – Student Representative

Anne McCauley – Committee Chairperson, Assistant Director of Sustainbility

Mike Mossing – Faculty Representative, Biochemistry

Jeffery Peavy – Student Representative

Cris Surbeck – Faculty Representative, Engineering

Lonnie Weaver – Staff Representative, Physical Plant

Becoming a Student Committee Member

The UMGF Committee is an excellent opportunity for students to become more involved with meaningful sustainability efforts on campus.If you are interested in becoming a member of the UM Green Fund Committee, please read this information before applying. 

There is one student position currently open on the UMGF Committee. Applications for this position are due September 12th.

Meetings and Time Commitment

The full UMGF committee will meet on a monthly basis, unless otherwise determined by the committee. Additional meetings will be scheduled as needed around the proposal submittal and selection time. The majority of the full committee’s time will be concentrated around the proposal selection process (twice per year) and the annual report and meeting. The students will meet every other week.

Student Committee Roles

Financial Coordinator

The duties of the Financial Coordinator shall be to:

  • Provide a monthly report of all expenses of the UMGF.
  • Maintain accurate reports of account balance and documents all UMGF transactions.
  • Work with the committee chair to process necessary paperwork related to financial transactions.
  • Assess the financial feasibility of projects and aid in determining and tracking possible financial returns from projects

Outreach Coordinator

The duties of the Outreach Coordinator shall be to:

  • Ensure a transparent and positive relationship between the UMGF and the student body by working with Office of Student Affairs, Department of Student Housing Residence Life, and other offices, departments, and student organizations. This duty includes conducting outreach for project proposals and project support.
  • Develop an outreach plan for encouraging voluntary contributions to the UMGF.  The plan should cover campaigns for both fall and spring funding cycles, and should involve all members of the committee, primarily the student members.
  • Promote the UMGF to maintain transparency and student interest.
  • Sustain the attention of students, administrators, faculty, and staff by regularly communicating progress and successes via diverse media including The Daily Mississippian and blog posts on the university website.
  • Keep UMGF social media accounts up to date.


The duties of the Secretary shall be to:

  • Keep record of all official business, decisions, project progress, and proceedings of the UMGF.
  • Generate meeting minutes. The meeting minutes must be made publicly available within one week of the meeting date.
  • Ensure that all UMGF documents, current and past projects, and other records  are available  to the public online.
  • Assist the UMGF Coordinator with clerical tasks as necessary.

Project Liaison

Each project will be assigned at least one student to serve as the Project Liaison. The liaison shall be accountable for the progress and funding of their charged project/s, and they shall fulfill the following responsibilities:

  • Meet regularly with their assigned project team to review their progress, next steps, and needs.
  • Oversee final allocations to their project team and actively seek opportunities to reduce project costs.
  • Report expenditures and any funding concerns (e.g. – need for more funding than expected or improper use of funding) to the Financial Coordinator and/or the UMGF Committee Chair.
  • Connect the project team with relevant University administrators, faculty, and student organizations needed for project success.
  • Provide a progress update to the UMGF at regular meetings.

How to Apply for a Student Position

Students will serve a minimum of one-year and maximum of two-years on the committee. To apply, please complete an application and submit it via email to The UMGF Committee is no longer taking student applications for the fall of 2014. Please check back for available positions in spring 2015.

Click here to download the application form (word format). If you have trouble with the file or the application, please contact Anne McCauley, Assistant Director, Office of Sustainability, at or 662-915-2074.